The Naysayers

THE NAYSAYERS: Non-threatening garage rock connoisseurs hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

“Driven by jangly garage riffs, hooky harmonies, and riddled with fuzzy mini guitar solos, ‘Passing By’ is everything that’s so great about local garage rock right now.”Tone Deaf

“The Naysayers are in your face, but that won’t stop you from inching forward to check them out. Dangerously good without even trying.”Inpress Magazine

“Any fan of that grimey, authentically Australian, garagey, pub rock should harden the f*** up and get around The Naysayers.”adamNOTeve

“These fast songs with their brilliant riffs, lyrics and overall rock sound makes you want to scream the tunes off a rooftop, run a marathon and then punch something to release all the pumped up energy you’ve got running through you.”Casual Band Blogger

“I love the 60’s mod/rock sound. It’s well produced, has plenty of catchy hooks and is just so ‘feel good’.”Jane Gazzo

“I would iron to this. [It’s] something to lift the mood.”Martin Atkins


Notorious for their animated live shows, Melbourne (AU) band THE NAYSAYERS are here to impress your ears and eyes. Rooted in 60s garage and emanating past outfits like The Beatles, The Kinks, and more than a snippet of the garage-soaked Nuggets Compilation, The Naysayers utilise a gamut of genres including but not limited to: garage, punk, surf, mod, psychedelia, and blues. The Naysayers’ music takes on a kaleidoscopic pastiche with a modern twist and a healthy helping of their distinct flair.

The Naysayers are fresh off of early 2016’s ‘I HATE YOUR SUMMER TOUR’ which saw the group performing to eager audiences in Western Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria. The nationwide tour celebrated the groups latest single I Hate Your Band – an impolite two-and-a-half-minute surf-punk ditty which received widespread airplay on community radio stations across the country, including rotation on national digital radio station Triple J Unearthed. Impressing garage rock aficionados in Australia and beyond, the single offered a first taste of The Naysayers upcoming record currently in production, sledged for release and tour later this year.

The groups prior release Passing By received much praise, with the taste makers at Tone Deaf announcing “‘Passing By’ is everything that’s so great about local garage rock right now”. Accompanying the single was a highly ambitious music video which boasted a new standard of quality and artistry for the group, with animations provided by The Naysayers’ Harrie Kingston and Canberra based visual artist Danny Wild, and filming and editing by videographer Ben Davies (Monuments, Twelve Foot Ninja, Dead Letter Circus, The Red Paintings).

The bands 2014 single Fools Gold Rush hinted at the rise which was to come, kicking some serious goals. The track was featured on AirIt’s Top 10 Most Ordered For Aiplay and was launched to a sold out crowd at Melbourne venue The Old Bar (Fitzroy, VIC). The group also scored gold when the single was selected by British Vogue to accompany their December 2014 campaign The Shooting Party which included the likes of Cara Delevigne (world famous), Tim Walker (world famous) and Kate Moss (world famous).

Like all good folk tales, The Naysayers began humbly and in Perth. The group was founded by Gordon Holland (guitar / vocals) and Nathaniel Parbery (bass / vocals) in the early teens of our decade. Their aim was to explore the rich musical landscape of 60’s garage and beyond as an ego-free collaborative with nothing off limits. Soon relocating to their current base of Melbourne, the two became three after a chance meeting with the ramshackle nomad known as Harrie Kingston (guitar / vocals), a man of mythic garage-skill and scruffy hair. Later joined by the explosively good looking Jakk Burgess (drums), The Naysayers continue to adhere to that vision set those many moons ago, constantly striving to perfect their craft both in the studio and on the stage.